ABB invests in Saudi’s young engineers

2017-07-10 - ABB in Saudi Arabia has selected Hatem Alatawi, an electrical engineering graduate from the University of Idaho in Moscow, U.S.A., for this year’s master’s degree scholarship program for higher studies in electrical power engineering in Sweden.

ABB at WFES2017: building a future that is smart and sustainable

2017-01-19 - ABB is showcasing its products and technologies that reflect pioneering technology spirit and expertise in the Internet of Things at the World Future Energy Summit 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

ABB to power new gas complex and strengthen Saudi Arabia’s grid

2016-12-25 - December 22, 2016 - Substation to connect gas-fired cogeneration plant to the grid and supply reliable power to a new gas complex in the Eastern province

ABB: Continued margin growth in tough markets

2016-10-27 - [No lead text]

Solar Impulse proves innovation, technology and pioneering mindset can address global challenges

2016-07-28 - ABB alliance partner Solar Impulse completes round-the-world flight with zero fuel, showing we can run the world without consuming the earth. As a pioneering technology leader, ABB is putting this message into practice

ABB’s innovative flexible power link solution to support ‘smart network’ in the UK

2016-07-28 - Zurich, Switzerland, July 27, 2016 - Static frequency converter power electronics solution to help unlock additional capacity without infrastructure reinforcement

ABB wins orders of over $300 million for world’s first 1,100 kV UHVDC power link in China

2016-07-19 - ABB transformers and other key equipment to enable Changji-Guquan link to transmit 12,000 megawatts of electricity over 3,000 kilometers at 1.1 million volts, setting new world records on voltage level, transmission capacity and distance

ABB’s microgrid technology: can help bridge the power gap in Africa

2016-06-09 - Greater access to electricity and a reliable energy supply could play a key role in accelerating development across Africa. By integrating renewable energy resources like sun, wind and hydro into the power grid, microgrid technology like that supplied by ABB can support more reliable electricity supply, help avoid industry downtime and substantially reduce carbon emissions.

ABB FACTS solution to help maintain grid stability as power generation mix changes

2016-04-26 - Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the largest public power utility in the US, is installing ABB’s static var compensator (SVC) technology to help ensure system reliability as fossil fuel component of total energy mix declines. SVCs enhance grid stabilization and at the same time enable a smarter grid.

ABB to provide equipment and services for the world’s largest floating facility

2016-03-24 - ABB to secure reliability and availability of equipment on Shell’s 600,000 tons gas liquefaction facility

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